List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsman in the IPL in 2022

If you are interested in placing your bets in a fantasy league, or just like the IPL format, knowing the most dangerous batsman in the IPL this year’s season can help.

David Warner

David Warner is probably one of the first names that come to your mind when talking about prolific left-handed batsmen in the Premier League. His contribution in the 2021 T20 world cup, helping his team win it, was unparalleled, and now he has got a new team, the Delhi Capitals. He has a strike rate of 140 out of a total of 150 matches and has scored 5,449 runs.

Ruturaj Gaikwad

His batting achievements are no surprise to anyone. At only 25 years of age, he has already played four seasons and has great timing with the ball. Although he has a recent wrist injury, there are many reasons why his place in CSK is justified. He won the orange cap in the 2021 seasons and the 2022 season will surely see him as a force to be reckoned with.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s awards and stats speak for itself. With a strike rate of 137.7 in about 207 IPL matches, he has collected a total of 6283 runs. He is one of the people with a record of four centuries in one season, the highest being 113 runs off 50 balls. He has been retained in the 2022 IPL season by EBC and scored 341 runs in 16 innings with a strike rate of 115.

Suryakumar Yadav

One of the more versatile batsmen in Mumbai, Suryakumar Yadav has attained 2,341 runs with a strike rate of 135.7 in 115 matches. Although he might have a hairline fracture in his thumb, he will surely deliver in Mumbai Indian’s second match.

Jonny Bairstow

Known to be one of the best wicket keepers in England’s team, he has made 1,038 runs in a total of 28 IPL matches. His big hitting at a strike rate of 142.9 in the last innings of T20 won him the acclaim. His is most memorable for the 97 runs out of 55 balls in 2020.

Shreyas Iyer

This is the first year Iyer is playing with KKR and is sure to hit the ball out of the park. He has scored a total of 2,375 runs in 87 IPL matches and at least four centuries in the last four seasons. He is also the captain of KKR this year.

Sanju Samson

In IPL 2022, you will see Sanju Samson as the captain of Rajasthan Royals. He was the first captain to get a century in the 2021 season and has score a total of 3,068 runs over 212 IPL matches at a strike rate of 134.2. His highest was 91 not out in the 2018 season, in which he scored a total of 441 runs.

K.L. Rahul

In the 2022 season, KL Rahul will be posing as the captain of the Lucknow team with impressive stats of 3,723 runs at a strike rate of 136.4 in a total of 94 matches. He was one of the first batsmen to score a century in the One Day international Debut and the third to score one in all three formats of international cricket.

Nicholas Pooran

Sunrisers Hyderabad signed Pooran, the West indian wicket Keeper and Left-handed batsman who was in high demand for his performance in the T20 format. He has a total of 606 runs with a strike rate of 155 over 33 games.

Shubman Gill

Lastly, Shubman Gill will start the 2022 season in Ahmedabad. Although he had a slow start in the IPL franchise, he won everyone’s hearts with 1,417 runs in 58 games and a strike rate of 127.


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